Winners Chapel Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is a Church where Winning in life is taught as a lifestyle and experienced by its vibrant membership. We have been raised as an army by God unto Himself, to have dominion on every affair of life and do exploits on the earth.

A branch of the Living Faith Church Worldwide under a ministry presided by Dr. David Oyedepo, we are a people helped by God to work and walk in His Majesty, to raise a people of great strength and power; and to set the captives free.

We understand that challenges are normal to life, but greater than that is the victory we have in Christ by faith and we have a mandate from God to liberate the world from all oppression of the devil through the practical life-transforming teachings and preaching of the word of faith. As a Word based church, we teach God’s people how to activate their faith for exploits in life.

The birth of this church was divinely orchestrated through various encounters experienced by the Presiding Bishop, Dr. David Oyedepo. These encounters are in two fold. One is a church spread mandate and the second is a Foreign Mission Mandate. The details are contained in our Divine Mandate Page

The 12 Pillars Of Our Commission